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Doctrine of Marriage





Marriage is a good institution that was designed by God to be the union between a man and a woman in covenant into one flesh with the man as the head in that union and the woman as his fitting helper


God is the author of marriage

When God was creating all things, he looked on his creation and said it was good. But He looked at Adam, the first man, and said that it is not good for man to be alone[1]. To this end, God created the first woman, Eve and said that she was a helper fit for him. God also has declared that a wife is good for the husband[2]. Therefore God is the author of marriage. Everything that happens in a marriage institution has to be done in accordance to the original design and blue print.


Between man and woman

According to God’s design marriage must be between one man (male) with one woman (female)[3]. This was the way God made it and it was good. No one has a right to change or adjust, in any way, the parties that constitute the marriage institution. To do so is to call God, the designer of marriage, a liar. Further, a Christian man is commanded to marry a Christian and vice versa[4].


One flesh

 God joins a man and a woman, in the institution of marriage, into one flesh[5]. It is however important to mention that a marriage has a specific time when it is said to commence. The parties in the marriage declare to witnesses that they have decided to begin living as husband and wife. Any man living with a woman in a similar manner as does a husband and wife against the above mentioned declaration is sinful before God. To do so is to court lasciviousness and fornication[6]. The man is to hold fast unto his wife[7]. This doing of God cannot be separated by any human being. Actually, Jesus commands that whatever God puts together, no one should separate[8]. This means that no one has the power or ability to dissolve a marriage.


Distinct roles

In a marriage, the husband is the head of the wife[9]. He is to love, protect and provide for his wife as Christ loved the church[10]. His headship is a servant headship. This is his God given role. The wife is to submit to the servant headship of her own husband[11].



The ultimate meaning of marriage is the representation of the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his bride, the church.[12] It suffices to say therefore that since Christ shall never leave his bride, then no one should divorce his wife either. Secondly, God hates divorce[13]. True Christians must put forth every effort and hate all that God hates.


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