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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Doctrine of Sanctification


God wills our sanctification[1] and since God does whatsoever He wills[2] then sanctification has to happen for every true[3] believer.

In becoming more like Christ, the tool[4] that produces this God-ward change is the Word of God, as Christ prayed for the believers. Paul also tells us that the way to prove the will of God (our Sanctification) is only by the renewing of our minds[5].The Word of God is therefore key in reproofing, correcting and instructing in righteousness[6].

The goal

During the process of sanctification the goal is always perfection[7]. The standard of perfection is not the world but God the Father himself. God has called us in order to conform us to the image of His sinless[8] Son.

Sanctification, therefore, occurs progressively from the time of being born-again and goes on through-out one’s lifetime and will end when we are glorified. Therefore, no one can claim they are perfect in this lifetime. Saying this would be equivalent to saying that we have no sin and calling God a liar![9]

What does it involve for the believer?
For the believer his role is to put-off sin and put on righteousness[10]. We are to cease presenting our bodies as slaves to sin and instead present our bodies as slaves to righteousness[11]. The above roles are not passive like in the case of justification but active. It is the believer’s daily responsibility.

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