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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Doctrine of Effectual Calling


All those whom God foreknew and predestined in eternity past to be conformed to the image of his Son; these he also called.[1] Effectual calling is an act of God the Father[2]working through the human proclamation of the gospel and by His Spirit[3] in which he summons the elect to himself in such a way that they come to saving faith in Christ.This effectual call is not according to the work of man, but it is in accordance to God’s own Sovereign will, purpose and grace which was given to the elect in Christ before time began.[4] The natural man is by nature dead in his trespasses and sins until, being regenerated, is thus enabled to respond to this call.[5]


Effectual calling is clearly distinct from the general, external or outward calling which refers to the preaching of the gospel by men (preachers, pastors, evangelists, teachers, parents, etc.) to both the elect and the non-elect and is often rejected or ignored.[6]


Since effectual calling has such power that it brings about/ guarantees a response, it is not like an "invitation" that the elect may accept or reject. It is an irresistible call out of darkness, into God’s marvelous light[7]; out of the bondage of sin, into liberty[8]; out of uncleanness, into holiness[9]. It is a call into the fellowship of Christ[10]; sainthood[11]; eternal life[12]. It is a holy[13], heavenly[14], irreversible, irrevocable, and unchanging call.[15]


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