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Doctrine of Election

God chose a group of people[1] known as the elect.[2] He saved the elect through Jesus Christ,[3] and he saved them for his purposes alone and not based on anything they had done.[4] Through this God demonstrated his awesome love[5], mercy[6] and grace[7] for his chosen people, his elect.

The Lord chose these elect before the foundation of the world[8], before they had done anything good or evil[9]. Nothing can thwart God’s will[10], thus nothing can prevent his chosen people from being saved![11] He fulfils his promises.[12]

Since God chose this group of people to be saved, this leads to a question. Are there people outside of the elect? In other words, has God chosen a group of people to not be saved?

There is no need to guess at the answer to this question as God already spoke[13] it through scripture. In John 10:22-30, Jesus told some of the Jews the reason why they did not believe that he was Christ was simply that they were not among his sheep. The Father gave the sheep to Christ for him to keep and bestow eternal life upon, but these Jews were not among those sheep. Jesus spoke in Matthew 25:31-46 of what would become of his sheep and these others, the goats. The sheep will inherit the kingdom and enter into eternal life while the goats will go away into eternal punishment.

While Paul taught his readers these truths, he warned them to not charge God with injustice.[14]  Scripture also teaches that God is good and always so since he is unchanging.[15] This is not to be confused with fatalism; God holds creation, which he created[16], accountable![17] Ultimately though, the Lord will have mercy on some[18], the elect, and others he will harden[19].

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