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Hannover International Bible Church
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Where Nations Meet to Worship!

         If you are looking for:  

  • Christian worship in English
  •  family atmosphere
  • challenge to live a full and meaningful life
  • opportunities to grow and serve
  • support system when you need it
  • and answers to life's big questions

   then stop in for a visit

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Worship Service Sunday,  6 March
At the Church Building at 5:00pm in Hannover/2pm in Celle (Dv)
Email for Zoom access: bobhnat@yahoo.com
Prayer Card 2 March 2022 (PDF(PNG)
Pray for Each Other  (PDF)
NEXT PRAYER MEETING: 7:00am & 9:30am, Wed, 2 Mar (Dv)
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                         Will you fit in?

Yes! You can tell from the smiling faces above that we are diverse. We are Asians, Africans, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, and Americans. We are young and old. We are students, homemakers, professionals, long-time residents and short-term visitors.

English language churchWhat do we have in common?

Our common bond is not primarily the English language, but rather our love for Jesus Christ. He takes us from our diverse backgrounds and makes us into a family. People comment that they quickly feel that they are among brothers and sisters with us.
You don't have to be a Christian to participate at Hannover International Bible Church. But if you are looking for solutions to your life's serious challenges, come along and see what a difference a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ can make.

What do we offer?

Hannover International Bible Church offers real answers to life's real problems. That's because we take God seriously. You will see what a difference He makes in our lives. We also take the Bible seriously. It's not just a book of stories. Visit us to find out just how incredibly relevant the Bible is today.
There are many opportunities for English worship services, prayer, learning, service, children's activities, and Christian social contact. There is just the right place for you to fit in, to grow, and to share with others, and even experience fellowship with other English churches in Germany.

What are the meetings like?


There is an air of celebration, with upbeat music and a sense of joy in serving the Lord at Hannover International Bible Church. We honestly try to worship in spirit and in truth.

There are also contemplative elements, including meaningful Bible-based preaching.
After the service, we invite you to stay for refreshments so that we can get to know each other.
All services here are English worship services, and every meeting of Hannover International Bible Church is always conducted in English. None are just translated from another language. English is our language.

Whose church is this?

Good question! Hannover International Bible Church belongs to God alone, not to pastors, elders, or deacons. The leaders are called to serve the people.
We aren't run by or controlled by a higher headquarters or a group in this or any foreign country. We are a free church, responsible to God and to each other.
Hannover International Bible Church is an independent church that willingly affiliates with other international Baptist churches for fellowship, joint mission endeavors, and joint projects.  We affiliate with the International Baptist Convention (English-language Baptist churches), a voluntarily association of Baptist churches, not a governing body over us in any way.